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Bruce Schmidt, Agronomy Manager

photo of Bruce Schmidt, Agronomy ManagerWith the 2019 spring season starting soon I would like to go over the new rules for spraying Dicamba. First the three herbicides that this covers are Engenia, Fexapan and Xtendimax.


  1. Must be a certified applicator and have completed dicamba training for 2019.
  1. Application timing is one hour after sunrise and two hours before sunset.
  2. . Do not apply when wind is blowing toward adjacent sensitive crops.
  3. Maintain the required label buffer, Minimum 110ft.
  4. Apply a minimum of 15 gallons per acre.
  5. 15 mph ground speed.
  6. Boom height of 24 inches above crop canopy.
  7. Apply when wind speed, measured at boom height is between 3 and 10 mph.
  8. Use only approved nozzles.
  9. Use only approved tank mix partners.
  10. No Ammonium Sulfate (AMS).
  11. Entire sprayer system is properly cleaned before and after spraying this product to avoid potential contamination.
  12. Apply before soybeans begin to bloom or 45 days after planting (whichever comes first).


You can find all this information and more on

XtendimaxApplicationRequirements.com. Dicamba is a great product to use for both burndown and early post weed control, But the reason all these rules are now in place is because of the problem with drift and atmospheric inversion and volatilization caused by misapplication of this product. I remember when I first started in this business in the 70s the label rule for applying Banvel  was get it done before June 10th and if the temperature got between 85 and 90 no spray and you quit before 7pm at night, So this is not a new problem with this product. Research shows that when using this product the farther into the growing season you get the greater the risk of off target damage to sensitive crops becomes, You don’t even want to try to spray this product in July. I personally don’t like to see anyone spray after June 20th the risk of temperature inversion alone is far to great! Well with that said I hope this information helps in your weed control plans for this year and if there are any questions please give us a call, And as always Be Safe Be Smart and lets have a great growing season.




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